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A typical PTR Episode

In this fun episode, Kevin tells the story of the SUV accident he helped with, GiGi talks about the Stonehouse book store and Jerry Armour gets us rea...View Details

Hey, I’m Tanja Diamond… I have coached thousands of people to take the courageous action to live extraordinary lives by changing old patterns, healing...View Details

In this episode we talk with Jen Porter singer song writer from Chicago who has played in front of 200,000 ppl! A great episode and a wonderful person

In this episode we talk with author Patrick Snow as well as Anne Alberg, who had a wish to become a captain of a ship sailing around the world! With P...View Details

Meet Dr. Kam Yuen. Dr. Kam Yuen, creator of the Yuen Method™ of Chinese Energetics, is the modern day equivalent of the ancient martial arts healing m...View Details

Cancer Pathways was formerly Gilda’s Club Seattle – named in honor of Gilda Radner, who, when describing the emotional and social support she received...View Details

In this best of PTR episode I interview Nikki De Carteret author and then talk with our own in house nutritionist Jerry, who sadly has passed on now b...View Details

This remarkable book brings hope and understanding to all its readers. * A powerful resource for adults who have experienced childhood sexual abuse (C...View Details

Are you spiritual? Do you follow the events happening in the world? You should be. I believe that spirit is telling us through signs and messages like...View Details

This Is an encore presentation of Positive Talk Radio, Martha Norwalk is on the air on KKNW in Seattle every Sunday from 9 am to noon Visit Martha Nor...View Details

They were given a key that unlocked the door to riches beyond their imaginations. It came to them on wings of gold. Now father and daughter share thei...View Details

With breakthrough solutions to overcoming depression, anxiety, irritability, stress, and other negative emotional states that are diminishing the qual...View Details

Aman holds degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology and a Master’s from Stanford University, which he received in 9 months. But he’s the first ...View Details

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