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In this episode, I invite Christina Flach onto my show on KKNW 1150 am in Seattle. We tell her powerful story and talk about grief and healing. A grea...View Details

In this episode, Kevin talks about the current situation that he faces as well as the whole country. We will see you soon! Please comment and wish him...View Details

Corey Hicks is a two-time NCAA All-American Athlete, Author, Coach, Wellness Expert & Motivational Speaker who has presented for several National ...View Details

 30 years old Nathalie has accomplished more than most as a business owner, instructor, and community leader and is a delightful interview

In this  episode we talk about current events and how we can get though the next few months

Our country is in a place that has not existed in most of our life times. The corona virus, the stock market, consumer spending, and just plain fear. ...View Details

Celebrity Makeup and Hair Artist, Christina Flach, is the creator and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup. Christina is available onsite in Marin, San Francisco...View Details

So what is his passion, why does he do this podcast? What is the story behind the podcast? Here is the who, what and why. Lisa and Matt interview Kevi...View Details

In this fun episode I talk with John Edward, and amazing medium and we take calls from listeners check out his web site

we are proud to present the line-up for this week Tuesday 11:15 am JOHN EDWARD, PSYCHIC MEDIUM Wednesday noon- Girl Power Wednesday with Lisa Fairman ...View Details

I work in several medias. Acrylics in Abstract and Impressionism. Watercolors are a new media for me. Mixed media is always interesting to work with a...View Details

Join Eileen Grimes, host, and Doug Johnston, co-host, of Jupiter Rising for your dose of astrology and metaphysics to empower your life! Eileen is ver...View Details

Every Wednesday, we will feature women's and girls issues bring some of the best and brightest women we know. Today? Lisa Fairman, a must listen!

In this fun wide ranging discussion we talk about, oh I don't know just about every way to create the life you want and leave the problems behind. A m...View Details

Andrew returns to give us an update on his plans to create a great rehab center that will help change the problem of severe addiction

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