What I do

…and what it does for you

I facilitate your full awakening: in sexuality, in love, in purpose and work, in body and being.

I work with you to easily release fear, shame and judgement and reclaim your body and whole self using a powerful and delightful set of tools developed over my 25+ years of transformative coaching and body exploration. Every client gets a unique experience dialed in to unleash their full potential and craft an extraordinary life erotically, spiritually, and in relationship, community, and the wider world.

Whether you are wanting to expand your life in all directions, address specific relationship or sexual challenges, explore new sexual, kinky, sensual, or energetic horizons, heal from trauma or shame, better express your desires, and/or learn about your own body - I welcome you on this journey.

I work with people who:

  • Are ready for next-level awakening and adventure

  • Want to live out loud, full out, and change the world by offering their full authentic gifts

  • Want to release their money blocks and play joyfully with money as they exponentially expand their erotic potential (money is never just about money; sex is never just about sex!)

  • Are ready to shift from the struggle of high performance into the ease and joy of peak existence

  • Are ready to release chronically held emotions or energy, pain or numbness, and claim freedom in all realms: physical, emotional, physiological, generational, ancestral, archetypal and beyond

  • Want to learn about their own body and sexual anatomy, and how to play their own erotic instrument

  • Have difficulty with arousal and feel disconnected from their body and their sexual selves'

  • Want to learn about Conscious Kink and how to use their Shadows, taboo, and kink for healing and transformation

  • Are just like you!


    Anne More offers virtual and in-person Sexological Bodywork and Coaching in the Erotic Blueprints™, Conscious Kink, and Intentional Relationships.

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