It's interesting how circumstance leads you to find your true purpose. It took Regan 47 years to find his true mission in life. Following his inner guidance has lead Regan to a most interesting life's journey. He went from being a door to door salesman to having his own successful real estate firm. Leaving that success he became a Professional Clown / Corporate Comedian / Fake Motivational Speaker / Ventriloquist /Mime and Magician. After performing over 4,000 shows all over the world he moved to Hollywood and became an actor. He starred in over 30 short and independent films and had bit parts and extra work in many TV shows and Major Motion Pictures. He was on 2 reality shows, one of them Master Chief 5. When the market crashed in 2008 and the demand for corporate entertainment evaporated his inner guidance led him to Hypnotherapy College and a whole new career. During all these changes Regan spent 2 years in Mexico where he found time to write and publish 4 books and compose a music CD called "Angels Dancing" sold on iTunes and Amazon.

All of these changes in his life has finally led him to his true purpose in life and that is to help others in his life Coaching and Hypnotherapy practice. Because of his powerful skill set and huge empathy for his clients, he has helped 100's make important changes in their lives. Regan says, "I am finally home, have never been more happy and fulfilled. I feel so alive when I am helping others."




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