On December 29th 2019 The New Positive Talk Radio was born thanks in part to Martha Norwalk and KKNW 1150 am. I think it is important that as our first guest we feature Andrew Mann whose story and the work he is doing is very important. Listen to his story and then go to his site www.suchunfortunates.com and help him achieve his mission of helping people beat addiction and LIVE!

This is the true story of one addicts journey through hell to eventually finding redemption and recovery. Andrew grew up in what seemed like an ideal childhood but behind the scenes was a complete nightmare. He was sexually and emotional abused by the people who were supposed to be his protectors. This led him to develop anxiety,depression, and eventually drug addiction. The book follows Andrew from childhood through adulthood and gives the reader an idea of what is it like to be an opiate addict. Andrew's addiction ends him in jails, institution, and even death. He is homeless on the streets of Camden New Jersey when people he considers Angels came to his rescue. One woman in particular helps him to get into treatment and loves him when no one else, including himself would. This enables him to search his soul and heal the real causes of his addiction.

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