Hey, I’m Tanja Diamond…

I have coached thousands of people to take the courageous action to live extraordinary lives by changing old patterns, healing anxiety, releasing past emotional trauma, and gaining clarity, confidence and self-awareness.
I’ve logged over 20K hours with groups and one on one, assisting people from all walk of life to discover the things holding them back and bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be.
I know the mental and emotional peak performance living arena better than anyone. My practices, strategies, and tools have been used by CEO’s entertainers, businesses, Mom’s, Dad’s, athletes, coaches and others to break free and experience their Personal Freedom.
I’ve been through hard stuff, tragedy and extreme loss as well as the extraordinary and I understand what it takes to pick yourself up and make things happen.
I’m known for being candid, raw and real. I won’t let you screw off or make excuses, I’ll hold your toes to the fire. I have an uncanny way of really knowing where you are trying to hide. AND I will be your biggest cheerleader and compassionate shoulder when you truly need it.

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