PUBLISHED AUTHOR Wayne  McFarland has more than 35 years of conceptual design, corporate project development, marketing, sales, and product management experience. His extensive work history includes new product introduction and market development encompassing creation, testing and implementation of multimedia campaigns, including online marketing, broadcast advertising, press release campaigns, distributor development, and the full range of social media. His experience encompasses technology and software development, marketing management and the training and management of sales teams.


Mr. McFarland’s background includes the founding of a company that was focused on trade show and entertainment presentations for such companies as IBM, Lockheed, and Harley-Davidson, and provided event segments for venues ranging from the re-opening of Radio City Music Hall to the re-launch of the Hollywood Sign. This work also included leading a partnership for advertising and branded product development in the music and broadcast industries. His marketing and sales work for software and technology products has resulted in thousands of users for proprietary software products to firms including Disney, Shell Oil, Lockheed, Northrop, G.E., Gulfstream, Los Alamos Labs, Sony, Sumitomo, and many others. He recently set up the entire marketing structure for a business support and call center division that was migrated from in-house marketing work to contracts with more than 400 clients, including a number of the largest companies in the world.


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