Eric Hall, Local Bus Driver, Author observer of Life taking on the task of being a roving correspondent For this podcast! He will present the segment ...View Details

In this great episode we talk about Ego Vs Humility and how each one plays out in our lives

The new series with Coryelle Kramer called Conversations with Coryelle In this episode we talk about "consent" in all of its forms

The first live broadcast talks about what to expect Monday thru Friday Starting at noon on You Tube please join us for some great content!

As we enter the new year, we discuss the grief around loss and what the new year holds for all of us, a great discussions

Coryelle Kramer creator the the Animal Blueprints joins us for a great discussion about her work and how it can help you!

Positive Talk features Eileen Grimes Astrologer who talks about the chart for the new year a very informative episode

In this episode I talk with Matt Shea about his books and new research project, about haunted area's in the Northwest

In this Christmas addition we discuss how to live our lives more in alignment with what we set out to do from the other side, from our weight to how w...View Details

The final episode 5 of 5 about the animal blue prints a must listen!

In the ongoing series Natasha (Medium) Regan ( Hypnotherapist) and Your Host Kevin McDonald discuss life around the other side

An amazingly gifted artist that is able to create wonderful photo's remotely. Please check out her work at a great talent!

Coryelle Kramer explains what the rule breaker is and how we can get in touch with our animal friends at their very core. A great episode!

In this episode Natasha, Regan and I discuss grief and whether or not our loved ones on the other side feel the same way

Part three of five Coryelle and I explore the sensual personal trait of our animal friends, how do you know? The best way to approach them, love them ...View Details

Hour three featuring Eric Hall, Regan Forston and The operator of the year Penny Scott. We talk about short term stress

As part of out Celebration of Bus Drivers I interview Terry White Metro's General Manager. We talk about Metro, covid 19 and a host of other topic's a...View Details

In this episode we talk with a singing bus driver, Eric Hall, author and we present a world premier of one of his short stories entitled " Sunrise on ...View Details

Shaun Eli- American Comic

Shaun Eli drops by and we talk about becoming a well known comic writer and performer

In the continuing series, Regan Forston, Natasha Venter and Kevin talk with a person that had a session with Regan and how it has impacted her life.

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