Matt The Rally Driver

In this episode Eric, who something about cars and I, who knows nothing, talk with Matt, who built his car from the ground up, but races it too! An am...View Details

Belgium... February 8, 1944... Shot Down and Alive For the first time, the full and complete story of the B-17 Flying Fortress Susan Ruth is shared in...View Details

Ever hear about the Troll in Fremont or the Sunday market in Ballard, both are in Seattle and Mike Gentle Came on vacation and wrote songs about them ...View Details

Since you cannot change people- Inspire them! or not, cause it is all up to them anyway

Lynette is one special lady, not only an author but a great person who believes in forgiveness and providing people with great insight on how to live ...View Details

How can the passing of a beloved pet, change your life? Brandon Wainwright experienced such a transformation when his dog Tyson passed . A great read ...View Details

In this episode we break down those really special friends vs people that are just friends and what to do about them

Chelsey Chew- Kwyptoland

Chelsey Chew, is a great Krypto currency advocate, a programmer who is creating a whole new game type that is more reality than previous generations. ...View Details

some thing that affects all of us learn how to control it ....sometimes

It was great to see Eric Ryder again! After 18 years he hasn't ages a day! In this fun episode we interduce Eric Hall, Holly Berry and of course me

Seattle Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps is a youth activity that has roots in the Fife and Drum Corps of the Civil War era. Through the years following ...View Details

Lots of us hate change, coryelle and I talk about embracing change and using it for good!

Positive Talk Radio the sister podcast to My Independence Report returns to live radio, a great first show

This amazing choral is based in Seattle but travel the world singing and doin great things

Tommi Tikka from Finland is a great singer songwriter and musician and producer has a brand new release! "doormat"

PTR- Paul Draper- magician, mind reader, and awesome entertainer September 27, 2021 Paul Draper is an anthropologist, academic, and an award-winning...View Details

Stories, oh those stories, the things we tell ourselves that lead us down paths that we don't want to go. But how to change them? Coryelle knows and s...View Details

In this free wheeling discussion we talk about following your intuition and creating the life you will love!

In this powerful discussion Coryelle gives us steps to help forgive yourself from the life's problems that we all have.

Is your fur friend a picky eater? Coryelle, animal communicator tells us how to fix this issue a real find!

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