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In this fun episode we talk with Mare Cromwell, Author who asked people the simple question " If I gave you Gods phone number, what would you do with ...View Details

John Holland world famous medium calls in and spends the hour explaining his work and reads for people in the studio and takes calls from listeners

I originally interviewed the band in 2007 and they played great music then which you will hear them play live. Since then, while there have been a lin...View Details

In this episode we talk about time, what happens when we die and take calls from listeners a great episode

Formed in 1958, they continue to create music from a long past era when everyone actually could play instruments all at the same time amazing!

In this episode Margarita (psychic medium) Val Jon Farris ( Human behaviorist) and little old me talk about the power that we all have with-in and eve...View Details

In this episode we talk to Joy Roberts a hypnotherapist, Margarita Travino Evens, a psychic, and Marcus O'Crotty a terrific energy worker, together we...View Details

In this powerful episode I have the honor of talking with George Nakata who survived being hit by a Truck!! Had a long conversation with God and came ...View Details

    Featured in top media including The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, and The Huffington Post, endorsed by celebrities as varied as Cher...View Details

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