In this wide ranging episode we discuss the positive aspects of life and steps we can take to stay away from depression and fear

In this great addition, we discuss whether or not passed loved ones are around us and aware of what is happening with us. Weddings? Birthdays and othe...View Details

Anne More Life coach, Dan (Financial Guy) and I discuss the meaning of real wealth both physically and spiritually

In this episode I put Natasha to the test as she does a live reading on the air! You can join us live on You Tube every Wednesday at 4:00 Pacific time...View Details

In this episode Natasha Venter, Medium, Regan Forston, Hypnotherapist and Kevin discuss the events that surrounded the passing of Kevin's Brother Rand...View Details

This is an Encore presentation of the new podcast called "For The Health of It" with Stacey Chillemi. Her mission is to help you achieve optimal h...View Details

In this fascinating  discussion, Coryelle Kramer ( Passion Cultivator) and I (the blushing one ) discuss the interesting world of BDSM, the do's and d...View Details

Natasha Venter, medium, Regan Forston, Hypnotherapist, And I talk about the ample evidence that life after death exists and why people have such a har...View Details

Stacey is coming to My Independence Report as a regular contributor! Check back for regular date and times!

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In our continuing series, Natasha, Regan and I discuss life between lives and everything surrounding this important topic

Animal Prints are similar to the Blueprints but on a completely NON sexual level. They are simply tools to discover how to bring your sacred and alrea...View Details

Stacey Chillemi is a popular and recognizable health and lifestyle reporter and expert, columnist and health host. Author of The Complete Guide to Nat...View Details

Life Between Lives Part 3

Natasha Venter, Medium, Regan Forston and Kevin continue our series on Life after Death. In this wide ranging discussion, we work to dispel the fear o...View Details

Coryelle Kramer and Anne More explain the 5th aspect of your erotic personality, The Shape Shifter a great episode! Visit Coryelle and www.coryellekra...View Details

In Part 3 of the series we discuss the "sexual" aspect of our being and what that blueprint means. The audio version 

Part 4 in our series Erotic Blueprints, we discuss the kinky side of life, a great episode. This is the audio version scroll down for the video

Natasha and I talk about life and how she can help you achieve the best in life.

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In This powerful episode Natasha Venter (Medium) Regan Forston ( Hypnotherapist) and Me discuss life after death and what really happens when we trans...View Details

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Coryelle Kramer Passion Cultivator, leads us in an in-depth discussion about "Kinky" in all of it's forms both and a way to increase pleasure and inti...View Details

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A New Show! Starring Natasha Venter, Psychic Medium and communicator to the other side. Natasha is able to help you navigate through life by using her...View Details

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