This segment with Eric is fast becoming a favorite of many who have listened, funny, thoughtful and just a great conversation between Eric and Myself ...View Details

After a life-long career in corporate America working for Fortune 500 companies and the high-stress of the financial industry in Marketing & Commu...View Details

An amazing life story, dealing with death, discrimination and determination

This is a very funny free wheeling episode, well worth a moment of your time

Colonel Bass is gifted writer with a flair for creative writing, Enjoy this interview and then write her to improve your writing skills! Very importan...View Details

In this informative discussion, Coryelle provides us with her knowledge of flower essence's power to heal both yourself and your animals. A great epis...View Details

In the continuing series, we are joined by Diana Paqua in this episode Regan Forston, hypnotherapist- Natasha Venter, Medium and Life Coach, Kevin McD...View Details

Ever wanted to create theme music for stage and screen? Marc does it! Listen to his work and passion. A very interesting episode!

In this ongoing series, Natasha Venter, Psychic Medium and Life Coach and I discuss her work and how to live our lives just a little bit better   www....View Details

Another fun free wheeling episode making observations about the world around us

In this great episode Coryelle gives us steps to living a fulfilling live by uplifting our own selves and creating the life we love

In the episode "tony" is read by Natasha and gets big results!

In this part 3 or our discussion we talk about energy and our chakras, very informative!

Dana Parker- Our choices impact the lives of those around us, but what happens when a choice no longer fits the person we've become? So many people se...View Details

Dr. Lycka returns to discuss his book and offer our listeners some "Golden Pearls" of wisdom!

After a long career as a psychologist was cut short, I found that writing was both therapeutic and a service to others who wanted to promote their ide...View Details

Author Dawn James wrote a spellbinding new autobiography, Unveiled: Autobiography of an Awakened One, set for release on March 20, 2021. James, who co...View Details

Tonya Todd is an author, actress, and Sin City cinephile, whose sundry background ranges from content writer to software programmer to booth babe. Wit...View Details

If you like light hearted fun and funny podcasts, Eric and I have a great discussion about? Well you will just have to listen. Enjoy!

Living with Bi Polar is not easy, in this masterful book, Susan tells us what it takes to live a complete life. A great book and interview

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