This Is an encore presentation of Positive Talk Radio, Martha Norwalk is on the air on KKNW in Seattle every Sunday from 9 am to noon Visit Martha for more info about this incredibly gifted individual

Meet Martha Norwalk
Animal Behaviorist and "Animal World" host

• Frequent guest on Seattle radio & television
• Subject of numerous newspaper & magazine articles
• Owner: Martha's Canine, Feline, andAll Creature Counseling
• Associate Degree with honors in Animal Technology
• Canine and Feline Behavior Therapist
• Laboratory, X-ray and Surgical Technician

Martha's unique presentation centers around her beliefs in the innate intelligence and emotional capacity of animals. She dislikes the use of the word "pet" because it connotes ownership; a concept that devalues the life of the animal.
Martha teaches and practices the art of inter-species telepathic communication — the ability to relay visual images between animal and human — as a means of exchanging thoughts and feelings with our animal-friends. It is a practice that produces a great deal of controversy but, at the same time, results in a profound bond between human and animal. This is, of course, in addition to her ability to draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience in the raising, training, caring, and healing of a variety of animals over a 25-year career as a vet-tech and animal behavior consultant.
Martha attended the University of Washington College of Arts & Sciences in the late '60s, and earned a degree in Animal Technology from Fort Steilacoom Community College in 1971. She has been employed as a veterinary technician, surgical assistant, laboratory X-ray technician, and has owned two businesses involved in animal training and behavior modification. She currently maintains a private counseling practice and is a frequent lecturer and media guest.

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