I made money. I lost money.
I did not know what psychic was. Now I am one.
I traveled, taught and consulted; everywhere.
I learned a few things on my journey to make me think outside the box.
I started doing readings as a joke and learned that is the best training.
I wrote a couple of books to offer new perspectives.
I learned to do regressions so I could uncover my own issues.
In an accidental 4 hour intensive consultation one night people freed themselves of paralyzing burdens; so I added it to my bag of tricks.
I learned to have a listening ear, to hold space and to meditate.
I embrace change, kicking and screaming.
My worthiest goal is to have every thought be loving.
I fail well and often.
I keep trying.
I love what I do.
I am happy.

Dolly Mae
Consciousness Consultant
Call or email me. We'll have a cup of tea and talk.
Things will be better. You'll see.

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