I have just released a new book, “You’re An Author?  Don’t Get Hustled” (How to launch your book without getting hurt, hammered, or fleeced; a step by step guide). 

This book details the experiences, often harrowing, of what happened when I offered my first book into the market.  “You’re An Author?” seems to be causing a bit of a stir. I thought I would drop you a line to see if you might be interested in hearing about it on your show. The book includes specific information for Authors on what to do and what to avoid when offering their work into the marketplace

The book’s opening, I think, summarizes things:  “So you’re a new author?  Well, gird yourself—soon to descend upon you are legions of flim-flam artists, bogus publishers, ad purveyors, and social media “experts.”  Their stated goal is to help you sell lots of books and make tons of money—quickly.  Their real goal is to deflate as many bank accounts as possible—yours among them, sad to say.” 

The book goes on to guide authors in such things as “How much promotion should you expect to be doing yourself?  Should you get a publisher?  Self-Publish?  How about an Agent? Or Promoting with Social Media?  Should you do Pay Per Click advertising? How do you get book and reader reviews?  Should you pay for reviews?  It’s all here, in detail and step by step so hopefully (Authors) will know what to do…and what not to do to keep (their) foot out of the New Author Beartrap.” 

This book is a “must have” for Authors.  And don’t just take my word for it: 

Splendid!...” “Hell, every page is a winning ticket! (Would I recommend this book to Authors?) “…I’d (tell them to) garnish with cilantro and devour it!”  “…(reading this book is like sitting down with a friend). “….Make that a lifelong..buddy who’s giving me the REAL skinny…” “You’ve set a new standard…congratulations!”-- Bill Lenz, Writer, Producer, Director, Narrator; 4 time Cindy Award winner; 4 time Telly Award winner; 2 time Cine Golden Eagle Award winner; winner Grand Award and others

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